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Student and Administration Services

RCHE Singapore

Student and Administration Services

The Student and Administration Services department is there to assist students in various capacities, from the time they enter Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE) to the time they graduate.

The professional staff are there to help students overcome any obstacles in their path to a great education.

  • Career counseling services,
  • Assistance in immigration services,
  • Issuing of student passes,
  • Issuing of transcripts and certificates
  • Grievances Procedures
  • Raffles College Counselling Services (RCCS)
  • Raffles Chaplaincy
RCHE Singapore

Services Available and Fees Applicable


  1. This fee is correct as at 10 July 2017 and prevailing GST applies, unless otherwise specified.
  2. The fee will be revised from time to time without prior notice.
  3. Please obtain the latest fee from the Student Services Department or RCHE’s Student Handbook or website for updated information.
  4. Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory and non-standard fees which the student will pay only when necessary or applicable. Such fees are normally collected on an ad-hoc basis by the PEI when the need arises.
Deferment S$200
Transfer of Course S$200
Inter-School Transfer Fee S$300
Intention to Withdraw from Course S$200
Additional Module S$100
Retaking of Module S$25.00 X (no. of learning hours for the module) + (GST)
Module Withdrawal S$100 (by Week 2)
Re-sit of Examination / Re-submission S$150
Request for Justification of Marks Fee S$50
Re-issue of Transcript / Letter of Certification S$50
Re-issue of Student Identification Card (Student ID) S$50
Late Payment Charge S$50 per week
Re-set of Student Portal / Email Password Fee S$5

Payable to ICA S$30 (no GST)
Payable to College S$23.50

Deposit S$20 (Refundable upon return of locker key)
Rental of Locker S$50 per year
Loan of Locker S$1 per day
Loss of Locker Key S$1 per day

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