Raffles Digital Certificates

Raffles Digital Certificates

Raffles College of Higher Education issues digital graduation certificates using block-chained technology for graduates from Class of 2021 onwards as part of the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) and SkillsFuture Singapore’s initiative to provide tamper-resistant digital certificates. These tamper-resistant digital certificates enable employers to verify the educational qualifications of employees and job candidates who have graduated from Raffles Singapore campus with Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.


Raffles College of Higher Education partners with Accredify to provide you this service.


The benefits of digital certificates include:


1.           Each certificate will have a unique cryptographic proof embedded within for secure verification.

2.           No personal information will be leaked as academic records of the certificate and personal data are not published on the blockchain.

3.           Sending your digital certificate to future employers who can then also use the platform to check the authenticity of the certificate.

4.           No longer need to obtain certified true copies of your education certificates for job and academic admission applications.

5.           Print as many copies of your certificates as you like.

6.           Do not need to worry about losing your certificate as it will be kept in the platform forever.


Should you have any questions about your certificate, please email Group-Admin@Raffles-College.edu.sg


For verification of Raffles digital certificate, you may verify here.