Raffles Fast-tracked Programmes

Raffles Fast-tracked Programmes

The programmes at Raffles are designed to incubate creative professionals and entrepreneurs in the design, business, psychology and Infocomm security disciplines.

Taught by an international team of professionals, students are equipped with industry-relevant skills and the ability to interact with people of diverse cultures and nationalities, so that they may achieve career excellence at a faster rate.

Another important reason for the Raffles’ shorter course duration is our belief that an intense time span for studies cultivates passion and an industry-ready mindset. Completing your studies ahead of your peers presents you with more opportunities in the industry and propels your career forward.

Through our intensive curriculum, we arm students with creative abilities and practical problem-solving skills. We groom graduates who are not only team players but also independent-minded to pursue their passion.

Additionally, students are given the flexibility to commence their studies at a time convenient for them (January, April, July or October). Graduates can also choose to embark on their professional career at any one of the four windows. This not only maximises their employment prospects but also allows them to better serve the ongoing human resource needs of industries.

This is the advantage of learning at Raffles Design Institute.