Andrew LOW

Andrew LOW



Winner of Harper’s BAZAAR NewGen Fashion Singapore and Asia Awards 2018

Andre was launched during the final year of Designer Andrew Low’s BA Honours in Fashion Design. The design ethos has been about hybridization of womenswear that incorporates elements of men’s tailoring.

“My inspiration came from strong women who have an effortless style but are willing to challenge the norm. Using texture and print, each collection is an exploration of redefining and the reinterpretation of classics to create new unexpected silhouettes.”

Andre is a primarily a collection for women which has elements of a genderless aesthetics and some key items may well be worn by discerning men who are willing to express themselves creatively through their sartorial choices.

“I have learnt that creative design and commercial viability are equally important. I am more prepared and confident for the industry as a Raffles Fashion Designer. Raffles Singapore creates a designer with relevant skills and to be industry ready.“