Re.Mix 2k21 Fashion Design Competition 2021

Picture1 SQ FINAL

Raffles Fashion Designer Onwaree SUKJUMROEN won Re.Mix Fashion Design Competition Popularity Contest

Raffles Fashion Designer Onwaree SUKJUMROEN won the Re.Mix Fashion Design competition Popularity Contest 2021. Onwaree’s design was inspired by peony flowers to create new silhouettes and shapes while retaining traditional elements like the Mandarin collar and print of the phoenix.  

Six Raffles Fashion Designers took part in the RE.MIX 2K21: Fashion Design Competition. This competition is organised by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC)  

The participants are to discover and rediscover what it means to be a Chinese Singaporean as the Chinese Singaporean identity is complex and always changing.  

The participating designers are: 

  1. Onwaree SUKJUMROEN 
  2. NGUYEN Le Huong Giang 
  3. Thalia Celine Indra TJUATJA  
  5. Sheryn JOSEPHINE  
  6. KWANG Kar Kar 

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Tommy Hilfiger “Together We Create” Tote Bag Design Contest 2020

Main Poster

Raffles Marketers and Graphic Designer won Tommy Hilfiger’s “Together We Create” Tote Bag Design Contest 2020 

Congratulations to Raffles Marketers Charis Teong and Evania Jocelin, together with Raffles Graphic Designer Yin Xinyi for winning the Tommy Hilfiger‘s “Together We Create” Tote Bag Design Contest 2020. 

Raffles Marketers and Designer bagged all top 3 spots of the competition and will have their designs produced and sold by Tommy Hilfiger. 

Proceeds from the sale of the tote bags will go towards the Save The Children initiative — Save Our Education. 

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The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery in Ise Shima 2020

The 3rd Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery in Ise Shima 2020

Congratulations to Raffles Jewellery Designers for clinching both the 1st and 2nd place in The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery in Ise Shima competition 2020.  

The winning competition entries are: 

Raffles Jewellery Designer Teresa Pavita Maharani’s “Day and Night” 

Raffles Jewellery Designer Sarah Sophia’s “Shining Lady”. 

Raffles Jewellery Designers, Phawa Sine Nwe and Mifuyu Fukai, were among the Top 10 designers too. 

Their designs came in at 7th place – for Phawa Sine Nwe with her work titled “Shining Light of the Beauty”, and 8th place – for Mifuyu Fukai with her work titled “Sunrise”. Their designs can be seen on @pearlfalco’s website.   

View the 4 winning designs from Raffles Jewellery Designers here: 

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Singapore Interior Design Awards 2020

Title: Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) Competition 2020 

SIDA is the only leading interior design awards programme in Singapore to be recognised and endorsed by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the Design Singapore Council (DSG) and it aims to elevate the standards and profiles of interior designers regionally and around the globe. In total, @Raffles Singapore Interior Design faculty bagged a total of 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze and 2 Honorary awards! 

From 3 Jan – 7 Jan, we present to you the works of our Raffles Interior Designers who took part in SIDA and have graduated in 2020. 

Silver – Best in Exhibition Design 

The crossing from past to present pavilion 

Showcasing the journey of boat dwellers of Singapore riverside 

Lee Chaeyun, Hong Poo Quar, Tran Hieu Nguyen, Sahanika De Silva 

Bronze – Best in Exhibition Design 

YIKU Pavilion 

A pavilion structure made to exhibit the local trishaw and their riders in present day Singapore 

Huang Piaolei, Choi KwangPil, Audria Akilah Basnawi 

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Raffles Design x Paragon Dress Sustainably Exhibition

Raffles Design x Paragon Dress Sustainably Exhibition 

In collaboration with Paragon Shopping Centre, the “Dress Sustainably” exhibition was held from 25th November to 8th December 2020 at Paragon’s Level Three. 

Organized by Raffles International Fashion Business students, the exhibition showcased the creative works of Raffles Fashion and Jewellery Designers who turned fashion waste of fabric, scraps, labels, and discarded toys into exciting and appealing wearable art pieces. The visuals and a style similar to an art exhibition. 

Emphasising the message that “The future is now, fashion waste was last season”, we hope to inspire, through this exhibition, aspiring designers and consumers to participate in this sustainable fashion movement and to dress sustainably.  

The featured Raffles Designers are: 

  1. LU Junxin 
  2. ZHANG Wei 
  3. Li Yanzhen 
  4. PHAN Luong Khanh Han 
  5. SUKJUMROEN Onwaree 
  6. WANG Yifei 
  7. Sherly ANG 
  8. Vivien STONE 
  9. ZHAO Xueer 
  10. Mifuyu FUKAI 

The featured Raffles Marketers are: 

  1. Shenia AURELLIA 
  2. Evania Jocelin BUDHIHARTO 
  3. Danielle Lauren G. BUNAG 
  4. Mirathi Putri FITRIANDA 
  5. LIANG Yizhi 
  6. YONG Le Yee 

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Indigo Design Award 2020

2 Fire Escape - Nur Insyirah Ayub Khan

Indigo Design Award 2020 

A hearty congratulations to our nine Raffles Designers who bagged a total of 14 awards at this year’s Indigo Design Awards. Students from the Visual Communication faculty emerged as Gold , Silver, and Bronze Award winners in the categories of Book Design, Typography, Branding, Packaging, Promotional Materials, Illustration, Character Design Interactive Design, PC Games, UX UI & Navigation, Storyboarding, and Computer Animation Indigo Design Awards is an international multidisciplinary platform with the vision of inspiring and promoting excellence in all areas in digital design. Indigo Design Awards believes that participants are the “prism through which their vision, innovation, and prodigy shine through”. 

Well done, Raffles Designers from the Visual Communication Faculty! 

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Frankfurt Style Awards 2020

Raffles Fashion Designer FAN XinTian Won at the Frankfurt Style Awards 2020

11 Raffles Fashion Designers were among the Top 60 Finalists at the Frankfurt Style Awards 2020. This year’s Frankfurt Style Awards 2020 motto is “Benefits of Change” and the competition was has 3 categories : Create your Revolution, Explore Cradle to Cradle, and Dream your Dreams. The motto was envisioned to reflect the “process of change” as “culture and conventions have changed; , bans have been abolished and new paradigms have defined the rules of coexistence. Fashion is the medium that reflects these transformations.”. 

Congratulations to Raffles Fashion Designer, Fan Xin Tian, for her place in the Top 10 at this year’s final, broadcasted live at Airport Club Frankfurt! 

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The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery 2019


Do you know that it takes a mussel six years to mature and the cultured pearl within it to reach its full size?

Pearls from Ise Shima are considered jewels, given the crystal clear and beautiful sea of Ise Shima, where the mussels are well cared for.

Raffles Singapore welcomed Ms. Maiko MAKITO, daughter of Mr. Toshikazu MAKITO, owner of Pearl Falco Corporation, for the launch of the “The grand prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery in Ise Shima 2019” competition in Singapore. This year, the theme is “Four Seasons in Japan”.

Selected entries from Raffles Jewellery Designers will get to bring to reality their designs using these pearls and have their designs exhibited in Japan!

Raffles Singapore is proud of our students’ efforts and wishes them all the best for the competition!

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The Design Excellence Awards 2019, organised by Interior Design Confederation Singapore and judged by a professional jury panel, are recognised as a seal of excellence and proof of outstanding achievements in the design field. Raffles Singapore is extremely proud of our students and alumni for clinching a total of five awards in both competition tracks: Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) for interior designers and firms; as well as Spatial Design Awards (SPADE) for students. They are:

Raffles Interior Designer, Jocelyn WINATA – Gold Award in Best Retail Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, Jonathan WIJAYA – Silver Award in Best Residential Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, Randoll LEE – Silver Award in Best Office Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, HUANG PiaoLei – Bronze Award in Best Hospitality Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, Nicholas KYAW Zin Hein – Bronze Award in Best Workplace Design category

Congratulations to our Raffles Interior Designers on their achievements!

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Rookie Awards 2019


Raffles Animation Designers and Raffles Video Games Designers have completed their artworks for submission to The Rookie 2019, an annual competition and mentorship platform open to young creatives, exploring ideas and generating novel concept art for the Digital Illustration and Feature Animation categories. Here is the preview of some students’ artworks.

Raffles Singapore wishes them success in the competition!

Alien Badland, illustrated by Raffles Video Games Designer, JEONG Jaeyup

Colossus, illustrated by Raffles Video Games Designer, JEONG Jaeyup

At Sea, illustrated by Raffles Animator, BU Shiwen

Final Fight, illustrated by Raffles Animator, JIANG Ruixin

Armoured, illustrated by Raffles Animator, XU Jiangrong

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