Youth Eco Arts Festival 2023

Youth Eco Arts Festival 2023 – Featuring Raffles Fashion Designers and Interior Designers

Discover sustainable fashion at Somerset Belt’s first-ever Singapore Youth Eco Arts Festival (SYEAF).

Our Raffles Fashion and Jewellery Designers transformed textile waste collected from CLOOP’s textile bin located at 111 Somerset into fashionable wear with functional designs!

These eco-friendly designs were on display at Level 1 of 111 Somerset during the event.
Featured Raffles Designers:
CHEA Srey Neath
CHIKA Orshi Hermawan
Evangelista SANTOSO
NGUYEN Thi Hong Hac
Priyanka Anand PATEL
Sonpavarapong Sasipim


Besides the sustainable fashion collection designed for the Singapore Youth Eco Arts Festival (SYEAF), Raffles Interior Designers are also doing their part to promote sustainability through their If you’ve already explored our eco-friendly fashion designs, why not immerse yourself in our Eco Arts installation exhibition at Somerset Youth Park to generate greater public awareness., which was designed by our amazing Raffles Interior Designers.

Experience the seamless integration of creativity and sustainability created by these skilled Raffles Interior Designers, who use recycled materials to create breathtaking interpretations of nature’s four elements: water, earth, fire, and wind.

1. “The Globe of 4 Elements” by Raffles Interior Designers, Lukito Melissa LUKITO and DING Xinyi.
2. “Element Fusion” by Raffles Interior Designers, LONG Sreypin, Salim Jordan SALIM, PUA Wei Wen Ivan, and HO Chiau Wun Fiolyn.

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Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023 – Singapore Stories Competition 2023

Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023 – Singapore Stories Competition 2023

We’re thrilled to share that Raffles Fashion Designers, Verina LIE and Aurelia CARISSA, were among Singapore’s top 30 designers selected to reimagine the kebaya and showcased their designs at Singapore Fashion Council Gala graced by Senior Minister of State, Sim Ann 沈颖!

This year’s theme, “Kebaya Re-imagined”, invites professional designers and design students to embark on an exciting journey of innovation and sustainability, redefining the iconic kebaya garment for the future.

The Singapore Stories 2023 is all about the contemporary fusion of fashion with the timeless celebration of our cultural heritage.

In support of Verina and Aurelia, Mr Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI (Principal) and Mr ONG Kai How (Senior Vice President) attended the gala. Mr ONG was wearing a unique piece designed by Mr Shannon LEE of Shirt Number White that reimagined the kebaya in menswear and accessorised with Marie De La Roche clutch by Raffles Fashion Designer Marie De La Roche and Enchanted Mangrovia by RISIS.

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INTR3PIDE Street Wear Popup at 111 Somerset

INTR3PIDE Street Wear Popup by Raffles Fashion Marketers

Pop-up store, Intr3pide, was operated by Raffles Fashion Marketers Celine HALIM, IM Lyeur, and ZHOU Bo Xiang, at 111 Somerset on 4th – 5th October 2023. The theme of the pop-up was based on the students’ extraordinary quest to revolutionize street-style fashion as business owners!|

As part of the Global Supply Chain Management module, the key learning outcomes were honing their trend forecasting, product sourcing, negotiation, and retail management skills and hands-on experience in providing good customer service throughout the two-day pop-up event.

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