MUJI Re-inspire Exhibition – Muji Re- Opening at Plaza Singapura

Raffles Designers designs MUJI Re-inspire Exhibition 2023
Muji Re- Opening at Plaza Singapura

Raffles College of Higher Education would like to congratulate MUJI Singapore on the grand opening of the largest global flagship store in Southeast Asia on 22 November 2023.

MUJI Plaza Singapura Global Flagship Store is the biggest MUJI store in Singapore to date and a significant milestone for MUJI Singapore over the 20 years in Singapore. This expansive store, covering 38,000 square feet in the heart of the city, serves as the primary anchor to display the entire comprehensive product range (across concept, scale, and variety).

Within this flagship store, “Open MUJI” is a space for MUJI Singapore to partner with local designers and creators to create exhibition and workshops, enabling MUJI Plaza Singapura to be a place for the community to exchange ideas, and for learning and education. Raffles College of Higher Education is honoured to be the FIRST education institution to present, “RE-Inspire” – the first sustainable exhibition of designs that use MUJI’s ageing and defective items in fashionable collections, jewellery accessories, lights, art installation, etc in a Zen garden.
Inspired by the comma, a mark symbolising a slight pause in the fast-paced lifestyle and representing MUJI’s appreciation of the eco-conscious practice of prolonging the shelf life of products via creative repurposing.
A RE-inspiring sustainable exhibition, and a successful collaboration by Design!

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Muji’s Highlight Reel of Grand Re-Opening here.

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Youth Eco Arts Festival 2023

Youth Eco Arts Festival 2023 – Featuring Raffles Fashion Designers and Interior Designers

Discover sustainable fashion at Somerset Belt’s first-ever Singapore Youth Eco Arts Festival (SYEAF).

Our Raffles Fashion and Jewellery Designers transformed textile waste collected from CLOOP’s textile bin located at 111 Somerset into fashionable wear with functional designs!

These eco-friendly designs were on display at Level 1 of 111 Somerset during the event.
Featured Raffles Designers:
CHEA Srey Neath
CHIKA Orshi Hermawan
Evangelista SANTOSO
NGUYEN Thi Hong Hac
Priyanka Anand PATEL
Sonpavarapong Sasipim


Besides the sustainable fashion collection designed for the Singapore Youth Eco Arts Festival (SYEAF), Raffles Interior Designers are also doing their part to promote sustainability through their If you’ve already explored our eco-friendly fashion designs, why not immerse yourself in our Eco Arts installation exhibition at Somerset Youth Park to generate greater public awareness., which was designed by our amazing Raffles Interior Designers.

Experience the seamless integration of creativity and sustainability created by these skilled Raffles Interior Designers, who use recycled materials to create breathtaking interpretations of nature’s four elements: water, earth, fire, and wind.

1. “The Globe of 4 Elements” by Raffles Interior Designers, Lukito Melissa LUKITO and DING Xinyi.
2. “Element Fusion” by Raffles Interior Designers, LONG Sreypin, Salim Jordan SALIM, PUA Wei Wen Ivan, and HO Chiau Wun Fiolyn.

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Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023 – Singapore Stories Competition 2023

Singapore Fashion Council Gala 2023 – Singapore Stories Competition 2023

We’re thrilled to share that Raffles Fashion Designers, Verina LIE and Aurelia CARISSA, were among Singapore’s top 30 designers selected to reimagine the kebaya and showcased their designs at Singapore Fashion Council Gala graced by Senior Minister of State, Sim Ann 沈颖!

This year’s theme, “Kebaya Re-imagined”, invites professional designers and design students to embark on an exciting journey of innovation and sustainability, redefining the iconic kebaya garment for the future.

The Singapore Stories 2023 is all about the contemporary fusion of fashion with the timeless celebration of our cultural heritage.

In support of Verina and Aurelia, Mr Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI (Principal) and Mr ONG Kai How (Senior Vice President) attended the gala. Mr ONG was wearing a unique piece designed by Mr Shannon LEE of Shirt Number White that reimagined the kebaya in menswear and accessorised with Marie De La Roche clutch by Raffles Fashion Designer Marie De La Roche and Enchanted Mangrovia by RISIS.

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INTR3PIDE Street Wear Popup at 111 Somerset

INTR3PIDE Street Wear Popup by Raffles Fashion Marketers

Pop-up store, Intr3pide, was operated by Raffles Fashion Marketers Celine HALIM, IM Lyeur, and ZHOU Bo Xiang, at 111 Somerset on 4th – 5th October 2023. The theme of the pop-up was based on the students’ extraordinary quest to revolutionize street-style fashion as business owners!|

As part of the Global Supply Chain Management module, the key learning outcomes were honing their trend forecasting, product sourcing, negotiation, and retail management skills and hands-on experience in providing good customer service throughout the two-day pop-up event.

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Wunderground 2023

Raffles Marketers, Fashion Designers and Jewellery Designers opens Pop up at Wunderground 2023

We were thrilled to be part of the Singapore Retailers Association‘s Wunderground Festival 2023, with support from Enterprise Singapore!

Raffles proudly showcased Raffles Fashion Marketers’, Fashion Designers’, and Jewellery Designers’ innovative design solutions for businesses and entrepreneurial drive for Wunderground Festival 2023, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of this incredible collaborative platform!

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Singapore Good Design Awards (SG Marks) 2023

Raffles College of Higher Education wins 3 Prestigious SG Mark Awards by Design Business Chambers Singapore (DBCS)

We are proud to announce that Raffles College of Higher Education has been awarded 3 of the prestigious Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) Award 2023 from the Design Business Chamber Singapore on 31 August 2023 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre!

1) Integrating Sustainability in Curriculum Design of Fashion Education read more…
2) A Sustainable Fashion Collection for Metro Using EcoCosy (High-Quality Viscose Fibers) read more…
3) Design With(Out) Senses by SeanSheila (Sean Loh and Sheila Agatha) read more…

Kudos to Principal Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI Giuseppe Joe Spinelli for leading the Raffles Fashion Design Curriculum Team in integrating sustainability into Raffles’ fashion design curriculum to prepare our Raffles Fashion Designers for the future.

As part of Raffles Design curriculum promoting sustainability, we collaborated with METRO (Singapore) and SF Fiber to create stylish, versatile, and sustainable wardrobe for fashionable and busy professional ladies. This fashion collection, exclusive to Metro Department Store, embraces comfort, practicality, and responsible choices for a greener future.

We would also like to congratulate Raffles Fashion Designers Sean LOH and Sheila Agatha Wijaya for receiving this prestigious award for their business model, which trains and employs the underprivileged community to be part of their fashion label Sean  Sheila. Their submission for this award, named “Design with(out) Senses”, is a new and loud voice in the fashion industry.

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To learn more about SeanSheila’s project “Design With(Out) Senses” visit here.
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Raffles x Carrie K.

Raffles x Carrie K. Jewellery Design Competition 2023

Raffles College of Higher Education is thrilled to have Carolyn KAN, Founder of Carrie K. on campus to present Certificates of Participation and two top prizes to participating Raffles Jewellery Designers for designing new jewellery pieces for Carolyn’s consideration for production.

After a round of intense assessment, Raffles Jewellery Designers NGUYEN Thi Hong Hac and LIM Jia Ying emerged as the winning group, and KANG Hye Weon and NG Yu Kee as the 1st Runners-Up.

During the award presentation ceremony, Carolyn KAN affirmed the dedication and quality of the students’ works in this collaboration. We look forward to another collaboration in the near future.

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For more about Carrie K. visit here. 


The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery 2022 Singapore Edition

The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery 2022 Singapore Edition

Raffles College of Higher Education is thrill to announce that two Raffles Jewellery Designers, ZHANG Yiqi and NG Yu Kee are in the top 30 entries in this competition.

Their designs are showcased in the exhibition at Japanese Creative Centre (JCC) at the Opening Ceremony. The top 30 entries will be on display for public voting from 9th to 18th February 2023. Raffles Jewellery Designer NG Yu Kee won the 3rd runner-up in this year’s competition, beating out of more than 100 entries received for this year’s competition. Congratulations to all winners, and great job to all participants!

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Singapore’s 2021 Graduating Class Of Fashion Designers Poised To Make Their Mark – Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore

Harper Bazaar Article Graduate 2021

Singapore’s 2021 Graduating Class Of Fashion Designers Poised To Make Their Mark – Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore
Singapore’s 2021 Graduating Class of Fashion Designers Poised to Make Their Mark

Catch Raffles Fashion Designers’ graduation collections on Harper’s BAZAAR!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, instead of debuting the graduating class of Raffles Fashion Designers on the runway, Raffles Singapore organised a private preview for the fashion media and industry partners to view these graduates’ collections and meet the designers in person at Raffles Education Square.

Raffles Fashion Designers, NGUYEN Le Huong Giang, Gemma WU Pui Shan, Eva HUANG and Theochara Missiel MARETHA, caught the eye of Harper’s BAZAAR fashion editor, Jeffrey YAN.

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Heritage Festival 2021 Design Orchard Raffles Collaboration Featured Image

Design Orchard Heritage Festival 2021

Heritage Festival Design Orchard Poster

Raffles Designers featured at Heritage Festival 2021

Heritage Festival 2021
Raffles X Design Orchard 2021

Design Orchard has collaborated with Raffles in their latest event, Heritage Festival which runs from 23 July to 31 August 2021. Raffles Designers and Marketers from the Fashion Marketing Department, Jewellery, Interior and Product Design department were tasked to apply their visual merchandising knowledge in designing the window displays for the Heritage Festival.

9 proposals were submitted by the students, Design Orchard selected the winning design from our multi-disciplinary team:

Raffles Fashion Marketers: Iyer Ashwini GANESH+D121, Agarwal KUSHI, Vinca Vanessa SHALIM and Yuvan YOLANDA
Raffles Product Designer: Sequeira Thea LATITIA
Raffles Jewellery Designer: Teresa Pavita MAHARANI

Design Orchard is an integrated retail and incubation space that puts Singapore’s designers and their creative pieces in the limelight.

Congratulations to the winning team!

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View Design Orchard’s Heritage Festival 2021 here.
View Raffles Designers’ Window Display here. 

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