Indigo Design Award 2020 Feature Image

Indigo Design Award 2020

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Indigo Design Award 2020 

A hearty congratulations to our nine Raffles Designers who bagged a total of 14 awards at this year’s Indigo Design Awards. Students from the Visual Communication faculty emerged as Gold , Silver, and Bronze Award winners in the categories of Book Design, Typography, Branding, Packaging, Promotional Materials, Illustration, Character Design Interactive Design, PC Games, UX UI & Navigation, Storyboarding, and Computer Animation Indigo Design Awards is an international multidisciplinary platform with the vision of inspiring and promoting excellence in all areas in digital design. Indigo Design Awards believes that participants are the “prism through which their vision, innovation, and prodigy shine through”. 

Well done, Raffles Designers from the Visual Communication Faculty! 

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Rookie Awards 2019

Rookie Awards 2019 Banner


Raffles Animation Designers and Raffles Video Games Designers have completed their artworks for submission to The Rookie 2019, an annual competition and mentorship platform open to young creatives, exploring ideas and generating novel concept art for the Digital Illustration and Feature Animation categories. Here is the preview of some students’ artworks.

Raffles Singapore wishes them success in the competition!

Alien Badland, illustrated by Raffles Video Games Designer, JEONG Jaeyup

Colossus, illustrated by Raffles Video Games Designer, JEONG Jaeyup

At Sea, illustrated by Raffles Animator, BU Shiwen

Final Fight, illustrated by Raffles Animator, JIANG Ruixin

Armoured, illustrated by Raffles Animator, XU Jiangrong

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