Wunderground 2023

Raffles Marketers, Fashion Designers and Jewellery Designers opens Pop up at Wunderground 2023

We were thrilled to be part of the Singapore Retailers Association‘s Wunderground Festival 2023, with support from Enterprise Singapore!

Raffles proudly showcased Raffles Fashion Marketers’, Fashion Designers’, and Jewellery Designers’ innovative design solutions for businesses and entrepreneurial drive for Wunderground Festival 2023, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of this incredible collaborative platform!

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For more about Wunderground visit here.
For more about Singapore Retail Association visit here.
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Singapore Good Design Awards (SG Marks) 2023

Raffles College of Higher Education wins 3 Prestigious SG Mark Awards by Design Business Chambers Singapore (DBCS)

We are proud to announce that Raffles College of Higher Education has been awarded 3 of the prestigious Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) Award 2023 from the Design Business Chamber Singapore on 31 August 2023 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre!

1) Integrating Sustainability in Curriculum Design of Fashion Education read more…
2) A Sustainable Fashion Collection for Metro Using EcoCosy (High-Quality Viscose Fibers) read more…
3) Design With(Out) Senses by SeanSheila (Sean Loh and Sheila Agatha) read more…

Kudos to Principal Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI Giuseppe Joe Spinelli for leading the Raffles Fashion Design Curriculum Team in integrating sustainability into Raffles’ fashion design curriculum to prepare our Raffles Fashion Designers for the future.

As part of Raffles Design curriculum promoting sustainability, we collaborated with METRO (Singapore) and SF Fiber to create stylish, versatile, and sustainable wardrobe for fashionable and busy professional ladies. This fashion collection, exclusive to Metro Department Store, embraces comfort, practicality, and responsible choices for a greener future.

We would also like to congratulate Raffles Fashion Designers Sean LOH and Sheila Agatha Wijaya for receiving this prestigious award for their business model, which trains and employs the underprivileged community to be part of their fashion label Sean  Sheila. Their submission for this award, named “Design with(out) Senses”, is a new and loud voice in the fashion industry.

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To learn more about SeanSheila’s project “Design With(Out) Senses” visit here.
For more about SG Marks Award visit here.

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Ice’s Secret Competition 2023

Raffles Wins at Ice’s Secret Design Competition 2023

Our Raffles Fashion Marketers and Designers shine at the exclusive Ice’s Secret Design Competition 2023, organised specially for Raffles students!

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the dynamic duo of Raffles Fashion Marketers, TAN Wee Leong and CHANG Chun-Tai (Neil), for winning the “BEST TRADE SHOW BOOTH DESIGN” award!
But wait, there’s more! Let’s give a round of applause to the talented Raffles Fashion Marketer, Sara BULATOVIC, whose eye-catching booth design garnered the coveted “SPECIAL MENTION PRIZE”.

And that’s not all — KUDOS to the remarkable Raffles Jewellery Designer, WANG Yu (Alice), who won the “BEST T-SHIRT DESIGN” award.

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For more about Ice’s Secret visit here. 


Ecoverse Competition and Exhibition 2022 Web Tab

Eco/Verse Sustainable Fashion Competition & Exhibition 2022

Eco/Verse Sustainable Fashion Competition & Exhibition

Eco/Verse Fashion Sustainability Exhibition 2022
The Eco/Verse Exhibition was on 4th of June 2022 at GRiD.
Check out pictures of the exhibition above in the sliders.
Raffles Fashion Marketers exhibited their works on showcasing sustainable fashion and how to participate in being sustainable.
Eco/Verse Fashion Sustainability Competition 2022

Organised by Raffles College of Higher Education, Fashion Marketing Department.

Raffles Marketers invites sustainable fashion enthusiasts between 14 and 25 years old to use their creativity to support sustainability in the fashion industry and stand to win $500.

Participants express their ideas in any medium of their choice – create a video, illustration, photography, garment, sculpture, or even an essay – together with your design rationale.

We would like to Congratulate and Thank all participants in the competition!

Here are the Winner and Honorary Mentions:
Amrita Singh
Honorary Mention:
Fashion Parade
Lumin Hew
Marco Nicolas

Check out all their works below, including Amrita’s video entry entitled The Oxymoron!

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For more on Fashion Marketing at Raffles click here.
Read Eco/Verse feature article on Youthopia.

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Winner of the Eco/Verse Sustainable Fashion Competition 2022

This short documentary-style video talks about how the term “fashion sustainability” is actually an
oxymoron and being “on trend” can be HARD when your trying to be conscious of your efforts to
preserve the environment!

Explore works by other finalist here:

Heritage Festival 2021 Design Orchard Raffles Collaboration Featured Image

Design Orchard Heritage Festival 2021

Heritage Festival Design Orchard Poster

Raffles Designers featured at Heritage Festival 2021

Heritage Festival 2021
Raffles X Design Orchard 2021

Design Orchard has collaborated with Raffles in their latest event, Heritage Festival which runs from 23 July to 31 August 2021. Raffles Designers and Marketers from the Fashion Marketing Department, Jewellery, Interior and Product Design department were tasked to apply their visual merchandising knowledge in designing the window displays for the Heritage Festival.

9 proposals were submitted by the students, Design Orchard selected the winning design from our multi-disciplinary team:

Raffles Fashion Marketers: Iyer Ashwini GANESH+D121, Agarwal KUSHI, Vinca Vanessa SHALIM and Yuvan YOLANDA
Raffles Product Designer: Sequeira Thea LATITIA
Raffles Jewellery Designer: Teresa Pavita MAHARANI

Design Orchard is an integrated retail and incubation space that puts Singapore’s designers and their creative pieces in the limelight.

Congratulations to the winning team!

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View Design Orchard’s Heritage Festival 2021 here.
View Raffles Designers’ Window Display here. 

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2021 Coventry University Degree Show Feature Image

2021 Coventry University Degree Show

2021 Coventry Degree Show Banner

14 Raffles Designers featured at the 2021 Coventry University Degree Show

Coventry University Degree Show 2021

Raffles Designers who’ve graduated on the 23 of June 2021, are also featured on the Coventry University Degree Show 2021. We have 14 Raffles-Coventry graduates featured in the virtual show which launched on the 17th of June 2021. Amongst is also our Graduate Raffles Fashion Designer ZHAO Xueer, who won 2nd Prize at the Faculty of Arts and Humanity Global Challenge 2021.

Raffles Designers featured includes:

Raffles Fashion Designers:
ZHAO Xueer

Raffles Jewellery Designer
Mifuyu Fukai

Raffles Fashion Marketer
Alex YONG Le Yee

Raffles Interior Designers
Natasha Audrey KURNAIWATI

Raffles Product Designers
Michelle BILLY

Raffles Digital Media Designers
Patricia TANIA

Raffles Animators
Pratik Jose COTTA
YEO Ying Siu

Raffles Graphic Designers
Axell Garcia SHANDY 
Muhammad Firas Bin AZHAR

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Attend the 2021 Coventry Degree Show here. 

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Tommy Hilfiger Together We Create Tote Bag contest 2020 feature image

Tommy Hilfiger “Together We Create” Tote Bag Design Contest 2020

tommy hilfiger contest main poster

Raffles Marketers and Graphic Designer won Tommy Hilfiger’s “Together We Create” Tote Bag Design Contest 2020 

Congratulations to Raffles Marketers Charis Teong and Evania Jocelin, together with Raffles Graphic Designer Yin Xinyi for winning the Tommy Hilfiger‘s “Together We Create” Tote Bag Design Contest 2020. 

Raffles Marketers and Designer bagged all top 3 spots of the competition and will have their designs produced and sold by Tommy Hilfiger. 

Proceeds from the sale of the tote bags will go towards the Save The Children initiative — Save Our Education. 

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Check out Tommy Hilfiger here.
Check out more about the Collaboration here.
Check out Save The Children initiative here.

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Dress sustainably fashion exhibition poster

Raffles Design x Paragon Dress Sustainably Exhibition

Dress sustainably fashion exhibition poster

Raffles Design x Paragon Dress Sustainably Exhibition 

In collaboration with Paragon Shopping Centre, the “Dress Sustainably” exhibition was held from 25th November to 8th December 2020 at Paragon’s Level Three. 

Organized by Raffles International Fashion Business students, the exhibition showcased the creative works of Raffles Fashion and Jewellery Designers who turned fashion waste of fabric, scraps, labels, and discarded toys into exciting and appealing wearable art pieces. The visuals and a style similar to an art exhibition. 

Emphasising the message that “The future is now, fashion waste was last season”, we hope to inspire, through this exhibition, aspiring designers and consumers to participate in this sustainable fashion movement and to dress sustainably.  

The featured Raffles Designers are: 

  1. LU Junxin 
  2. ZHANG Wei 
  3. Li Yanzhen 
  4. PHAN Luong Khanh Han 
  5. SUKJUMROEN Onwaree 
  6. WANG Yifei 
  7. Sherly ANG 
  8. Vivien STONE 
  9. ZHAO Xueer 
  10. Mifuyu FUKAI 

The featured Raffles Marketers are: 

  1. Shenia AURELLIA 
  2. Evania Jocelin BUDHIHARTO 
  3. Danielle Lauren G. BUNAG 
  4. Mirathi Putri FITRIANDA 
  5. LIANG Yizhi 
  6. YONG Le Yee 

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