2021 Coventry University Degree Show Feature Image

2021 Coventry University Degree Show

2021 Coventry Degree Show Banner

14 Raffles Designers featured at the 2021 Coventry University Degree Show

Coventry University Degree Show 2021

Raffles Designers who’ve graduated on the 23 of June 2021, are also featured on the Coventry University Degree Show 2021. We have 14 Raffles-Coventry graduates featured in the virtual show which launched on the 17th of June 2021. Amongst is also our Graduate Raffles Fashion Designer ZHAO Xueer, who won 2nd Prize at the Faculty of Arts and Humanity Global Challenge 2021.

Raffles Designers featured includes:

Raffles Fashion Designers:
ZHAO Xueer

Raffles Jewellery Designer
Mifuyu Fukai

Raffles Fashion Marketer
Alex YONG Le Yee

Raffles Interior Designers
Natasha Audrey KURNAIWATI

Raffles Product Designers
Michelle BILLY

Raffles Digital Media Designers
Patricia TANIA

Raffles Animators
Pratik Jose COTTA
YEO Ying Siu

Raffles Graphic Designers
Axell Garcia SHANDY 
Muhammad Firas Bin AZHAR

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Attend the 2021 Coventry Degree Show here. 

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SIDSFest 2021 Featured Image

SIDFest 2021

SIDFest Website Screenshot Profile

Raffles Interior Designers participate and exhibits at SIDFest 2021

SIDFest 2021
Event from 18 June – 18 July 2021
National Design Centre

Raffles College of Higher Education is proud to be a part of the SIDSFest 2021 and participated in the Generation Next Exhibition and Student Sharing sessions. Raffles Interior Designers featured are Gordon TRAN, Clarita MELINA, Jennifer KOSASIH, KHO Siv Mey and Thanakorn SENSATHIEN. Of which, Raffles Interior Designer Gordon TRAN was invited as a panellist at the Generation Next – Student Sharing session. Generation Next – Student Sharing session was organised by Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) Student Chapter.

Raffles Interior Designers participated and exhibited at:


The project of each Raffles Interior Design student is unique because they are very personal to each student. They provide design solutions to a wide variety of complex real-life space problems. The students’ projects tackle social or environmental issues specific to their country of origin, and some incorporate sustainable design. The emphasis is placed on complex spatial design, creative problem-solving, communication skills, knowledge of building materials and construction.

The project displayed here are varied. Strong in the theme of sustainability are a biophilic design University to raise awareness for sustainable design, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and a sustainable collaboration co-working space for designers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Other projects focus on youth and education, such as a street youth centre and social housing in Thailand, an education centre for youth promoting urban farming in Singapore, and a collaborative culinary hybrid space for youth promoting food industry in Indonesia.

SIDFest 2021 celebrates the positive perspective and invites designers to create experiences using the tools of Interior Design – materials, lights, colours, textures and spaces.

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Check out the SIDFest 2021 here.
Details about SIDfest 2021 from DesignSingapore Council here. 


RISIS Raffles collaboration feature image

Raffles x RISIS 2nd Design Collaboration 2021

raffles interior designer mun sebeen receiving award

Raffles Interior Designer, Mun Sebeen won Raffles x RISIS 2nd Design Collaboration 2021

Risis x Raffles Design Collaboration 2021

Congratulations to Raffles Interior Designer MUN Sebeen for winning this design challenge with her design titled “Mobaya”. “Mobaya” is a luxury modern phone and accessory tabletop stand inspired by the Peranakan Kebaya.

The College is honoured to have Ms Verene NG, CEO of RISIS, to grace our campus and announce the winning design. The winning design was selected based on its commercial viability and representation of RISIS’ brand ethos. RISIS will strongly consider adding this design to their product offering for their customers.

Ever thought of collaborating with industry partners and retailing your design in future?

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Check out RISIS here.

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Young Designer Award 2020 Roy Tang Feature Image

Design Intervention’s Young Designer Award 2020

Neoteric Oriental Residence Hallway

Raffles Interior Designer, Roy Tang, won Design Intervention’s Young Designer Award (YDA) 2020

Congratulations to Raffles Interior Designer, Tang ZiQi Roy, for winning Design Intervention’s Young Designer Award 2020.

The oriental modern residential philosophy behind the winning design of “Neoteric Oriental Residence” was interpreted using simple decoration against the black-and-white background, achieving a balance between complicated and exquisite decoration.

Catch the announcement of the YDA 2020 on the organiser, Design Intervention’s Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/p/CKk_6IUp5ww/

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D&AD New Blood Awards 2020 Wood Pencil Feature Image

D&AD New Blood Awards 2020

D&AD New Blood Awards 2020 Wood Pencil Winner Song Chan Hee Audible

Raffles Graphic Designer, Song Chan Hee won the Wood Pencil award at the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020

D&AD New Blood Awards 2020 – Wood Pencil

Congratulations to Raffles Graphic Designer, SONG Chan Hee, on winning the Wood Pencil Award – an advertising campaign for Audible at the prestigious D&AD New Blood Awards, UK.

“The strategy of the campaign focuses on the unique experience of the audio book in which the ‘voice’ is the key differentiation that makes audiences better engage with Audible. Hence the concept – ‘Journey Starts with the Voice’,” SONG Chan Hee, Winner Wood Pencil Award, D&AD New Blood Awards.

D&AD Wood Pencil Award represents the best in advertising and design from the year, worthy of a place in the D&AD Annual.

D&AD (Design and Art Direction) is a British design organization which exists to promote the excellence in design and advertising. Recognized by the creatives worldwide, the D&AD New Blood Awards promotes and celebrates the talents of the emerging young designers.

For more about Chan Hee’s winning entry to D&AD Awards, click here.

For more about D&AD (Design and Art Direction) click here.


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Singapore Interior Design Awards 2020 Feature image

Singapore Interior Design Awards 2020

gold award Huang Piaolei Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) Competition 2020

Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) Competition 2020 

SIDA is the only leading interior design awards programme in Singapore to be recognised and endorsed by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the Design Singapore Council (DSG) and it aims to elevate the standards and profiles of interior designers regionally and around the globe. In total, @Raffles Singapore Interior Design faculty bagged a total of 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze and 2 Honorary awards! 

From 3 Jan – 7 Jan, we present to you the works of our Raffles Interior Designers who took part in SIDA and have graduated in 2020. 

Silver – Best in Exhibition Design 

The crossing from past to present pavilion 

Showcasing the journey of boat dwellers of Singapore riverside 

Lee Chaeyun, Hong Poo Quar, Tran Hieu Nguyen, Sahanika De Silva 

Bronze – Best in Exhibition Design 

YIKU Pavilion 

A pavilion structure made to exhibit the local trishaw and their riders in present day Singapore 

Huang Piaolei, Choi KwangPil, Audria Akilah Basnawi 

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the grand prix of akoya pearl jewellery in ise shima 2019 feature image

The Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery 2019

The grand prix of akoya pearl jewellery 2019


Do you know that it takes a mussel six years to mature and the cultured pearl within it to reach its full size?

Pearls from Ise Shima are considered jewels, given the crystal clear and beautiful sea of Ise Shima, where the mussels are well cared for.

Raffles Singapore welcomed Ms. Maiko MAKITO, daughter of Mr. Toshikazu MAKITO, owner of Pearl Falco Corporation, for the launch of the “The grand prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery in Ise Shima 2019” competition in Singapore. This year, the theme is “Four Seasons in Japan”.

Selected entries from Raffles Jewellery Designers will get to bring to reality their designs using these pearls and have their designs exhibited in Japan!

Raffles Singapore is proud of our students’ efforts and wishes them all the best for the competition!

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gala dinner feature image


6th design excellence awards gala dinner banner


The Design Excellence Awards 2019, organised by Interior Design Confederation Singapore and judged by a professional jury panel, are recognised as a seal of excellence and proof of outstanding achievements in the design field. Raffles Singapore is extremely proud of our students and alumni for clinching a total of five awards in both competition tracks: Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) for interior designers and firms; as well as Spatial Design Awards (SPADE) for students. They are:

Raffles Interior Designer, Jocelyn WINATA – Gold Award in Best Retail Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, Jonathan WIJAYA – Silver Award in Best Residential Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, Randoll LEE – Silver Award in Best Office Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, HUANG PiaoLei – Bronze Award in Best Hospitality Design category

Raffles Interior Designer, Nicholas KYAW Zin Hein – Bronze Award in Best Workplace Design category

Congratulations to our Raffles Interior Designers on their achievements!

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Moët Hennessy Asia Pacific feature image

Moët Hennessy Asia Pacific Design Challenge 2019

Moet Hennessey Asia Pacific Design Challenge 2019 student work


“Our 27 Houses are all inspired by the same spirit of perfection, shaped by the ongoing quest for innovation they pursue daily, from production and marketing to distribution, in order to continually strengthen the appeal and reputation of our brands.” Mr. Philippe SCHAUS, CEO of Moët Hennessy

Raffles Singapore is proud of Raffles Interior Designers, KIM Sung Bin, LEE Chaeyun, Engela PELAFU, and Jose MANUEL, for winning the design challenge of the Moët Hennessy Asia Pacific’s office space and delivering the spirit of perfection!

Certificates of Excellence were also awarded to the following teams:

Tripti GUPTA, Prachi AGARWAL, Clarissa Halim AUDINNYA, and NGUYEN Tran Hieu

GUO Bingling, LIU Shibei, YANG Shihui, and HONG Poo Quar

HNIN Thazin Win, AUNG Theint Nitra, Kwangpil CHOI, and Arushi BHARGAVA

Congratulations to our Raffles Interior Designers on their achievements!

A successful industry collaboration by Design!

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